Caparo packing 700 hp into new T1 Evolution

There are a lot of automakers that throw the term "racecar for the road" around, but few have ever taken the recipe quite as far as the Caparo T1. And now it's coming back in an even more extreme form called the T1 Evolution.

Originally launched as the Freestream T1 before the project was taken over by British engineering concern Caparo, the T1 was designed by engineers previously involved in the original McLaren F1 with the idea of building a Formula One racer you could actually drive home. When it appeared on Top Gear, it set the lap record (but wasn't recognized because it didn't meet the show's criteria). Sometime thereafter the vehicle kinda fell off the map, its extreme setup proving a little too hardcore for most. But we're glad to report it's coming back.

The teaser image above was released on the Caparo Vehicle Technologies website with a few key details about a version dubbed the Caparo T1 Evolution. For one, it'll pack 700 horsepower. For another, the chassis is being updated. There's a new suspension in the works, the cockpit is being reworked to be more comfortable and usable, and there will be new telemetry and communications systems, ABS, traction control and stability control.

All of which ought to make the T1 more usable, but also even more extreme. Considering that the existing version, thanks to its featherlike construction and 575-hp 3.5-liter V8, already packs one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in the business, the new version ought to border on insanity.

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