Military targeting autonomous tactical vehicles by 2025

The march towards autonomous vehicles is far from limited to the civilian sector, as the military has been doggedly pursuing the idea of driverless vehicles for several years. Its latest initiative seeks to introduce a line of autonomous vehicles by a target date of 2025, according to the Army Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center.

The driverless vehicles will be spawned by the Autonomous Mobility Appliqué System, which has been subject of some seriously high praise from the brass.

"AMAS is a great capability," Col. Chris Cross, the chief of the science and tech division at the Army Capability Integration Center told Army Times, while claiming that the autonomous tech was even better than what Google has brought to bear.

While the military may be targeting 2025, that doesn't mean autonomous tech won't become increasingly common among the average soldier, sailor or airman in the near term. It's entirely plausible that driverless vehicles could arrive in warehouses and the like before vehicles such as the Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate, shown above, arrive on the battlefield.

"That's very doable today, but in a military or unstructured environment, the challenge becomes much more significant," TARDEC director Paul Rogers told AT. "We're looking at how to make our systems robust so that they're able to operate in more of these unstructured environments."

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