For most people, the opportunity to fly on a B-17 Flying Fortress is rare. For the head coach of the Green Bay Packers, Mike McCarthy (above, left), it's an opportunity to eliminate a despised nemesis – Chicago.

"Alright, let's go bomb Chicago," McCarthy joked, during a short news report from WBAY, Green Bay's ABC affiliate.

McCarthy jokes about bombarding the city, home of Green Bay's divisional rival, the Chicago Bears, ahead of a ride in Aluminum Overcast, a Flying Fortress that's been restored by the Experimental Aircraft Association. The heavy bomber is in the middle of a trip around the country, offering flights and tours.

McCarthy was there with his grandfather-in-law, Bob Schneider (above, middle), and the rest of the family. Schneider, now 96, was part of a B-17 crew during World War II. Those flights over Europe were enough for nonagenarian, though, who passed on the chance to fly with his family.

"We were in danger, every mission was dangerous, and so we were happy to not get on another one. I had my fill of them," Schneider said.

Scroll down for the full report from WBAY in Green Bay.

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