Pot Tourists Dumping Stashes At Denver Airport Rental Car Agencies

Travelers unable to bring extra weed home ditch it before heading into the airport

Car rental agencies operating at Denver International Airport are reporting tourists with extra pot are frequently handing it off to their employees or stashing their stash in the cars before they return them.

"It happens quite often," a rental car employee at a national chain told CBS4. "Every couple of days. I just throw it in the trash."

Workers told CBS Denver that customers sometimes try to tip them with pot. Another rental agency has workers scour returning cars for bags of marijuana to prevent other employees from pocketing it.

Recreational marijuana is sold legally in Colorado, however it is still illegal under federal law. Denver International Airport has signs posted at the doors letting travelers know they could be hit with a fine for bringing pot inside the terminal. So far 16 people have been caught, but none have been fined. Airport officials just encourage the travelers to dump the pot into the trash.

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