Looking for a thrill? You're not the only one. You'll find kindred spirits at airfields going up for a skydive, atop bridges and towers with bungees attached to their feet and standing in line for roller coasters at the local amusement park. But you'll also find them in the paddock at the racing circuit.

So what's the commonality? G-force. It's like gravity, only in each of these cases, it's experienced by human invention. But which activity subjects your body to the greatest amount of g-force? That's what Nissan set to find out.

Before putting them back in the cockpit, Nismo sent out two of its young hot-shoes – Jann Mardenborough and Mark Shulzhitskiy – to an amusement park in the UK with a camera and a g-force meter to find out if any of the coasters could produce as much lateral gravitational force as an LMP2 racing car. See what they found in the pair of videos, below.

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Jul. 14, 2014
Race car vs. roller coaster: NISMO athletes conduct G force test to see which is more demanding

CHESSINGTON, England – How do race cars compare to theme park roller coasters when it comes to G force?

Before recently driving in LM P2 cars at Le Mans, Nissan NISMO athletes Jann Mardenborough and Mark Shulzhitskiy went to find out.

Which is a bigger strain to the body? And more importantly, which is more exciting? Mardenborough and Shulzhitskiy find out.

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