Classic car enthusiasts were able to fuel up for pennie... Classic car enthusiasts were able to fuel up for pennies on the dollar in Birmingham, Mich. (Shutterstock)
Detroit isn't just where new of cars are dreamed up, it's also a place where classic cars are cherished. A Mobile gas station in Birmingham, Mich., in the heart of classic car country, offered up gas at classic prices for car owners in honor of National Collector Car Appreciation Day.

Enthusiasts paid per gallon the going rate of gas in the year their classic car was built. For many enthusiasts, that meant filling up for pennies on the dollar.

"They look up the price of gas for whatever year your car is," Russ Vorpagel told The Detroit News as he topped off his 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air for $3.00. "It was 30 cents a gallon in 1957."

A line of classic cars formed down the street in the early hours as classic car owners waited to take advantage of the retro prices and atmosphere.

The cheap gas was organized by Hagerty Insurance, a company which specializes in insurance for classic and collectible cars, motorcycles and boats. Staff was on hand to service the cars like grease monkeys from a bygone era. There was even a waitress on roller skates offering free doughnuts to motorists.

Every August, a 16-mile stretch of the Detroit area's main drag, Woodward Ave, hosts the largest single day gathering of classic cars in the world.

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