Nikola Tesla in his workshop (Wikimedia).
Call it a 158th birthday present to an under-appreciated scientist. Comic artist Matthew Inman announced via his website The Oatmeal today that Elon Musk will donate $1 million towards a museum dedicated to his electric car company's namesake, Nikola Tesla.

This past May, Inman wrote a comic containing an impassioned plea addressed directly to the Tesla Motors CEO. In the comic, Inman starts with a review which emphasizes his passion for driving his Model S. He spends the second half requesting help setting up a Nikola Tesla museum, a project he has been working on since 2012.

Within a few hours of posting the comic, Musk tweeted his response.

Today Inman revealed how much Musk has committed to the project. Along with a Tesla Supercharger station in the museum's parking lot Musk will donate $1 million towards its construction.

Tesla became an internet hero for his misunderstood genius and the cruel treatment he incurred from other scientists of the age, including Thomas Edison. Tesla Motors Co. founders Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning considered Tesla an inspiration, according to Business Insider.

"Without Tesla's vision and brilliance, our car wouldn't be possible. We're confident that if he were alive today, Nikola Tesla would look over our 100 percent electric car and nod his head with both understanding and approval," the pair said on their website.

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