Corvette Stolen In Detroit Returned To Owner After 33 Years

GM shipping the car back to its original owner

A Detroit man had his stolen Corvette returned 33 years after it disappeared while parked on one of Detroit's main drags, according to ABC 7.

The last time George Talley saw his 1979 Corvette was on a July day in 1981, when it disappeared from its parking spot on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit. He had given up hope of ever seeing his car again, until a phone call from AAA brought his sporty ride home. Authorities had come across a Corvette with a questionable VIN in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. When they ran the number Talley's stolen car report came up.

The car is still in pretty good shape and only has 47,000 miles on the odometer. Talley wasn't sure how he could get the car back home, but General Motors stepped in and agreed to cover the cost of bringing the 'Vette home.

Talley has always had a passion for Detroit-made muscle cars.

"I've always liked Corvettes. It was attractive. The ladies like 'em," Talley told ABC 7.

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