In case you hadn't heard, General Motors is desperate to get its ignition switch recalls completed. It's trying so hard, in fact, that it's offering $250 credits to an unspecified gift shop to service and parts managers at dealerships that are able to install 90 percent of the ignition switches allotted by July 7.

While warranty work is generally a boon for a dealership's bottom line, individual incentives for employees – aside from the chance for overtime – are far more rare. Take that as a sign of how serious GM is about getting repairs done lickety-split.

In addition to the $250 prize, GM will reward 50 dealerships with $4,000 in credits, which can be split among sales and service personnel as part of the Ignition Switch Recall Completion Initiative." Finally, one dealership will be randomly chosen for a $10,000 prize.

While it's sufficiently incentivized its dealership employees, it'll all be for naught if GM can't get customers to bring their cars in for work. Considering this, the embattled automaker has announced a pair of programs aimed at informing customers, who will soon begin receiving notifications via a new email campaign. On the dealer side, the company has also eased restrictions on ordering repair kits, allowing managers to place orders without an attached VIN.

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