Child right's advocate Marian Wright Edelman once said, "If you don't like the way the world is, you change it." We're guessing David Montenegro is a firm believer in that idea. You'll recall that Montenegro, better known by his legal name of Human, is the New Hampshire man who fought and won a case in the state's Supreme Court to obtain a vanity plate that read "COPSLIE." Now, Human has announced that he'll be making at the state's House of Representatives.

Human will be running for the Democratic seat in the state's 22nd District, which covers the city of Rochester, according to ABC affiliate WMUR-9. His primary opponent is 86-year-old Democratic incumbent Rose Marie Rogers.

It's not clear what sort of platform Human will run on, although there's at least one officer that doesn't see him making a successful run at public office.

"I'm thinking he's probably not going to get too far," Nashua, NH Master Patrolman John Yurcak told The Washington Free Beacon. "Most people are pretty reasonable and their exposure to law enforcement doesn't produce this guy's chip-on-the-shoulder."

The state primary will take place on September 9.

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