We all make dumb decisions, from time to time. In fact, you might even say it's the best way to learn... sometimes. You make a mistake, see the error of your ways and move on as a better person. However, when you upload proof of a very bad choice to YouTube, things can go very wrong, and it's especially painful when the video eventually leads to a prosecution. That's what reportedly happened to an Illinois motorcycle rider who filmed himself running from the police.

According to Visor Down, Hamza Ali Ben Ali allegedly created a film that shows him speeding on his motorcycle and evading the cops twice in 2012. Bad enough, but then he uploaded it to YouTube. Not surprisingly, he was arrested as the accused perpetrator. In defense, he claimed there was nothing on the video to prove that he was on the motorcycle at the time. However, Ali maybe hadn't thought that defense all the way through.

You see, he had been convicted of earlier crimes and was forced to wear a GPS ankle bracelet. Prosecutors matched up the locations in the video with the monitor's coordinates and were able to place Ali at the scene. According to Visor Down, he was convicted last month of fleeing the police and driving with a suspended license, roughly two years after uploading the film to YouTube. Scroll down to see why recording a dumb decision is an even dumber one.

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