Officers will not risk termination of discipline based ... Officers will not risk termination of discipline based on the amount of traffic tickets they write (Getty Images).
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a law today banning police from implementing traffic ticket quota systems as a measure of job performance. The law, which goes into effect Sunday, will ensure police officers do not risk discipline or termination based on how many traffic tickets they write each month.

Police chiefs from around the state told WIFR they have never used a ticket quota system, though a mayor in a town in southern Illinois floated the idea as a way to increase revenue. The idea of quota systems struck State Representative John Cabello, a former police officer himself who co-sponsored the bill, as bad for citizens as well as police.

"Police departments are not supposed to be revenue generating arms of the government. They are supposed to correct behavior and arrest people when they deem they should be arrested," Cabello told WIFR. "There's plenty of ways to tax people and this shouldn't be another way."

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