Turn 10 Studios' creative director, Dan Greenawalt, has announced that the second open-world installment in the Forza Motorsport franchise will be coming to the Xbox One on September 30 of this year.

Boasting the ability to build your very own club of up to 1,000 other gamers, Forza Horizon 2 is looking to focus on the social aspect, perhaps anticipating the challenge of titles like DriveClub and The Crew. According to Turn 10, FH2 will offer over 200 cars, although as we've seen in previous Forza titles, that figure will grow considerably once DLC has been considered.

Turn 10 also released the best look at FH2 we've seen yet, focusing heavily on the new weather system as well as the new locale – the roads and highways of Europe. Take a look below for the official E3 trailer for Forza Horizon 2, and mark September 30 on your calendar. ‚Äč

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