Radical's SR1 Cup makes climbing the motorsports ladder a bit more affordable

Getting into serious racing is not a cheap proposition. Not only will you need a car, but you'll probably want a trailer to tow said car from circuit to circuit, all the associated tools, not to mention spare consumable items, like tires and fuel. That's not even counting what safety equipment – a helmet, fire suit, gloves, shoes and Nomex undergarments – will cost you. That's why this new racing program from Radical, in the UK, is so darn appealing.

For 37,500 pounds ($62,868 at today's rates), you can snag a 29,000-pound ($48,618), 185-horsepower, 1,058-pound Radical SR1, while the remaining 8,700 pounds ($14,585) covers your race suit, license, test days and the entry fee to Radical's own eight-race, one-make championship. To keep things fair, the program is targeted specifically at beginners, as it's only open to racers that have completed fewer than six races. That doesn't sound like a particularly bad bargain in our eyes, especially considering that Radical has built in an effective way to climb the company's ladder and into faster, more hardcore products.

Xcar took a day to sample the SR1 and see what 37,500 pounds could get you. As you can see by watching the video below, it's way more than just a car and a firesuit. Scroll down and have a look, and then head into Comments. If you had the disposable income for an all-in racing program like this, would you consider it? What kind of car on this side of the pond would work with a Radical-like program? Let us know down below.

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