John McGuinness makes record-breaking poetry aboard Mugen Shinden San

John McGuinness is a poet like no other. Invoking passion like Neruda using only the twisty, timeworn vocabulary of the Snaefell Mountain Course, the Morecambe Missile can best be heard crafting his boisterous verse during the annual TT races when standing alongside the 37.7-mile asphalt ribbon that weaves its way through the towns and villages of the Isle of Man.

Luckily for us, his latest ode to speed doesn't require us to board planes or ferries. Penned whilst aboard the Mugen Shinden San during the willful destruction of the TT Zero record, the artistry of his curvaceous calligraphy was captured by a tiny camera tucked behind the windscreen and impatiently awaits to assault your senses.

Now, we normally like this sort of footage to feature figures relating to speed and power overlaid on the screen. This recording doesn't have that. Instead, you'll just have to bear in mind that this battery-powered bike is hitting 154.3 miles per hour as it charges down the Sulby Straight in full song. Certainly, no numbers are needed to enjoy the quickness with which it turns the lullaby of a slow corner back into blistering chorus. Indeed, the show we have for you below is poetry in motion. Enjoy!

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