The 500e is costing Fiat $14,000 each time it sells (Fi... The 500e is costing Fiat $14,000 each time it sells (Fiat).
Fiat-Chrysler's CEO had a strange request for electric vehicle shoppers on Wednesday: don't buy the all-electric Fiat 500e.

While CEO Sergio Marchionne was speaking at a conference in Washington, he told the crowd he's tired of Chrysler-Fiat losing money, The Detroit News reported.

"I hope you don't buy it [the 500e] because every time I sell one it costs me $14,000," he said to the audience at the Brookings Institution. "I'm honest enough to tell you that."

Marchionne said federal and state fuel efficiency mandates are forcing the automaker to build unprofitable cars, according to Reuters. A normal Fiat 500 starts at $16,195, and the 500e starts at $32,650, before federal and state tax credits. There are no sales data to indicate how the 500e is performing.

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