There's a popular stereotype that cops are villains, out to ruin the day of drivers while rocking a pretty severe God complex. Of course, this is not all cops. In fact, we'd argue that the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officials are good, upstanding, friendly citizens that are just trying to get by, much like your or I. We aren't too sure about Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy Joseph Quiles, though.

In February 2013, Quiles was on patrol and t-boned the car of Tanya Weyker while she was crossing an intersection. Weyker's car was hit so hard that her neck was broken in four places, rendering her unable to use a Breathalyzer or take a field sobriety test following the accident.

Deputy Quiles wrote in a police report that Weyker's eyes were red and glassy and that he smelled alcohol on her breath. Quiles also wrote in the report that he came to a complete stop at a stoplight, before proceeding and striking Weyker, saying he couldn't see her headlights. Weyker was arrested at the hospital, while in traction according to our sister site, AOL Autos, and charged with Unreasonable and Imprudent Speed, Operating While Intoxicated and Causing Injury While Operating While Intoxicated.

This might all be fine, were it true. It isn't, though. Take a look below for the video, to see what exactly transpired.

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