If you've ever taken a long road trip with your family, you know that such an endeavor can involve no small amount of drama and adventure. A seeming never-ending series of "He's touching me!", "No, I'm not!", and "Mom, Emmi's throwing up again!" You get the idea; enough excitement for a movie, right?

Imagine, then, an epic 4,000-mile journey across America by eight strangers from different countries piloting an odd assortment of (mostly slow) electric vehicles in an effort to set a Guinness World Record. Everything from a Nissan Leaf to an electric bicycle. Definitely silver-screen worthy. And that's just what's happened with Kick Gas, a film by Jonathan Becker.

Billed as an "Adventu-mentary," the movie was released, fittingly, on Earth Day and is now available through its website. While it certainly chronicles the many tough times endured by the crew, there were also lots of inspirational moments to cover, as well. The group even meets up with a few friends of ours along the way, including Paul Scott and Terry Hershner.

Scroll down to watch the trailer for yourselves. For more behind-the-scenes insight, check out this series of articles with participants over at Inside EVs.

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