Fish on wheels could become reality with your help [w/video]

We were impressed by the Fish on Wheels fish-controlled electric car a few months ago for its ability to blend technology and clever design. Now, Studio Diip, the Dutch company behind the cart, hopes to offer it to consumers through a Kickstarter campaign and bring the fish onto land.

The company specializes in making products using image recognition technology, which is often pretty boring, but they hit on a very quirky idea with the Fish on Wheels. The device uses a camera pointed at a fish in an aquarium, and the direction in which it swims is where the cart drives. It's hard not to at least grin when you see this contraption roll past.

Studio Diip launched its Kickstarter for the Fish On Wheels on April 29. The design is already significantly altered from the earlier prototype with more space for the fish, better battery life and stabilized movement. The company's goal is to raise 40,000 euros ($55,385), and if the fundraiser reaches 70,000 euros ($96,981), the final version includes color-changing LED headlights as the cart turns. At 150,000 euros ($207,810), it gets LED lighting for the water as well.

The Kickstarter is being split into three tiers of deliveries. The first 10 people to pledge 199 euros ($276) get an early bird deal and receive their orders in July 2014. They are also guinea pigs because the company plans to tweak the design depending on their feedback. The next group of 40 backers at 229 euros ($317) gets the updated model in August, but Studio Diip plans to keep refining the design. The final, unlimited batch of buyers at 249 euros ($345) receives the most optimized version but must wait until September. Scroll down to watch the Fish on Wheels in action and check out its Kickstarter, here.

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