Red Bull Racing dominated the 2013 season in Formula One, but it had an awful time in Australia last weekend with Sebastian Vettel retiring from the race and Daniel Ricciardo being disqualified. Before the grand prix ended with such a whimper for the team, though, there was apparently some time to blow off steam, and they did so by lining Ricciardo in his Red Bull up against Royal Australian Air Force pilot Flight Lieutenant Michael Keightley in an F/A-18 Hornet for a drag race. Ricciardo and Keightley say that there is a lot of similar hard work and perseverance to drive an F1 car versus being a fighter pilot.

Even with a little wheel spin, the Red Bull gets a good start, but is it enough to beat the Hornet? Scroll down to see what wins in a heads-up drag race between the car and the fighter plane.

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