Let's file this one away in the category of "Why didn't I think of that?" A Detroit company called has built a set of wiper arms that will smack themselves agains the windshield, shaking ice and snow loose. It's a product of a company called Motor City Wiper. These systems aren't for sale yet, although the company is currently looking for an angel investor for the product, after shopping it around to automakers and suppliers and being disappointed by the level of interest.

Now, we understand that our southern readers might not understand how useful this would be (although based on this winter's weather, they might), so we'll provide a quick explanation. Snow and ice mess with windshield wipers. They might prevent the wipers from actually making contact with the windshield or lead to horrible, annoying streaks of water. Either scenario usually ends with the driver reaching out the window while the wipers are going and picking the blades up and smacking them back down on the window to clear the ice. It is arguably the worst thing about winter, outside of shoveling and road salt.

This system is operated manually, via a pair of buttons near the ignition. It looks like it can be easily switched on or off, to prevent accidental use, as well. Our big concern would surround the windshield - the system doesn't look particularly delicate in the way it slams back down on the glass.

We've got video of this new wiper system in action, and we want to know what you think. Is this something that strikes you as a must-have feature? Take a look at the video and then have your say in Comments.

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