Peugeot 108 completes the trifecta of the Citroën C1 and Toyota Aygo platform

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Renault's rear-engine Twingo isn't the only little French city car launching at the Geneva Motor Show. Peugeot has launched its new 108 as a more conventional front-engine, front-wheel-drive competitor.

The 108 is being offered as a three- or five-door hatchback with either a conventional fixed roof or retracting soft-top. A little hatch like this doesn't need a big engine, and Peugeot is giving buyers the choice of 68-horsepower 1.0-liter or 82-hp 1.2-liter three-cylinder engines. They are available with either a five-speed manual or five-speed electronically controlled gearbox.

It might not look it in the pictures, but the 108 is very tiny. At 136.6 inches long and 63.8 inches wide, it is slightly smaller than a Volkswagen Up. The new Peugeot shares its platform with the Toyota Aygo and Citroën C1, but all three cars have their own unique styling. If you were in the market for a European city car, which would you pick?
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New PEUGEOT 108: So expressive!

After renewing its offering in the B and C segments, PEUGEOT presents its new city car. In a dynamic, growing segment, the new PEUGEOT 108 is breath of fresh air. Compact, naturally suited to urban journeys, the new PEUGEOT 108 is a chic and classy design. It offers customers the ability to create their own car: Hatchback or convertible, personalisation theme, interior ambience, number of doors, colour ... Every new PEUGEOT 108 asserts its own personality. A connected car, the new PEUGEOT 108 becomes the mirror of its user's smartphone, thanks to its large touch screen and the Mirror Screen function, including the new MirrorLink and AppInCar connectivity protocols. They can be fitted with equipment from the segment above: reversing camera, automatic air conditioning, keyless entry and starting. Talented and modern, the new PEUGEOT 108 also meets the fundamental requirements for the segment. It plays its part in town thanks to its agility and compact size. With its efficient 3-cylinder engines, it is particularly economical in use.

In just two years, PEUGEOT has completely renewed its offering in the A, B and C segments. Today, the brand is proud to welcome the new PEUGEOT 108 to its youngest ever model range.

Maxime Picat, PEUGEOT Brand CEO.

The new PEUGEOT 108 participates in the brand's product offensive and move up-market, with a rewarding and outgoing spirit, emphasized by the personalisation schemes expected by customers.

Xavier Peugeot, PEUGEOT Product Director

PEUGEOT 108 hatchback, PEUGEOT 108 TOP! Convertible

The brand's new city car is available in two body styles: the PEUGEOT 108 hatchback and the PEUGEOT 108 TOP! Convertible.

For example, here is this Red Purple PEUGEOT 108 5-door hatchback, covered with diamond shaped motifs playing with the light. A few metres away, a PEUGEOT 108, 3-door this time, surprises with its two-tone paint, marrying Red Purple with Gallium Grey on the upper part of the body.

In the other direction, a second 3-door PEUGEOT 108 has its elegant Lipizan White bodywork covered with flowers in tight lines. The fabric of its folded Red Purple roof allows its interior to be admired. The Aïkinite dashboard moulding follows the Gloss Black centre panel, with its large touch control screen, and leather trimmed seats.

All different, they are still from the same family ... These are just a few of the many combinations possible with the new PEUGEOT 108.

The city with style

From the first glance at the car, the way in which the elegance of PEUGEOT's style is applied to this particularly compact volume invites attention.

Conceived as a car from the upper segment, the new PEUGEOT 108 matches the values of the latest PEUGEOT range. It is balanced, elegant and refined. In a minimal volume, it marries precise lines and harmonious curves, enticing the driver to take it for a spin. Beneath its classic and sophisticated exterior lies a resolutely modern and dynamic personality: Its sharp looks and smooth forms, its endless possibilities of personalisation and all of its high-tech equipment give it a unique identity in its segment

Ivo Groen, PEUGEOT 108 Project Design Director

The PEUGEOT 108 has been designed to run about in urban traffic with style and determination. The robust front end immediately reassures. It is dense as if hewn out of solid metal; the chromed grille with its facets gives it structure and finesse at the same time.

The headlamps are set in the bodywork like gemstones. Common to all trim levels, the high-tech projector type lights combine black and chrome bezels giving the PEUGEOT 108 a sharp expression. The LED light guides draw the eyebrows of this lion. Fuel efficient Light Emitting Diodes are also used for the day-time running lights which are protected behind their chrome surrounds framing the fog lamp protection pads.

The Lion emblem proudly takes place between the two swage lines precisely marking the chunky bonnet, emphasizing PEUGEOT 108's dynamic qualities, only to continue the visual movement up through the front wings flowing into the fast A-pillars in a single snappy movement.

In side view, its compact form is highlighted by front and rear overhangs reduced to an absolute minimum. Ingress & Egress with doors that stretch almost from wheel to wheel is optimised. A chrome blade that emerges from the front wing, accentuates the dynamic beltline of the PEUGEOT 108.

The flow towards the rear end is underlined by the ruby-red tail lamps which contain all of the functions, including reversing and rear foglamp. With their 3D effect, they make the brand's three-claw signature emerge from the body. Together with the horizontal lines of the rear bumper, they contribute to the PEUGEOT 108's stability.

An element that identifies its practicality, the large glazed tailgate extends from the spoiler, incorporating the hinges, down to the loading sill. At the bottom of the tailgate, opaque ceramic marking mask the load space.

The richness of the exterior is continued on opening a door, with a comfortable cabin that you would not suspect from the compact size of the PEUGEOT 108. It has been designed to be intuitive in use, each area being allocated to a function.

The driver finds before them information brought together for easy and quick reading. The speedometer housing is in unit with the steering column, which is adjustable for height, and is covered by a cowl to ensure legibility in all conditions. It comprises an analogue speedometer and an LCD screen arranged concentrically. Either side, extensions house the rev counter and the Gear Shift Indicator.

Installed in the height adjustable seat, the various controls are all within easy reach of the driver. With one hand, the systems grouped together in the centre panel are controlled: the large 7'' touch screen, the starter button coupled with the Keyless Entry and Starting system, the automatic air conditioning. Behind the wheel, finding the controls for the speed limiter is intuitive, while the fuel filler flap opening and heated electric mirror controls are easily accessible on the dashboard. The controls for the front electric windows, for driver and passenger, fall readily to hand, grouped together on the driver's door panel.

Finally, the driver has only to raise their hand to find the electric control switch for the fabric roof and discover the unrestricted space 80 cm wide and 76 cm long. In addition, it is possible to adjust the opening to any position: over just the front seats, over all four seats, etc. An aero-acoustic deflector is deployed automatically when opening the roof to reduce turbulence in the cabin.

Personalisation, everyone can have their own PEUGEOT 108

PEUGEOT 108 is not enjoyed only for its own style. It also offers numerous compositions that can be chosen by the customer. By opting for the PEUGEOT 108 TOP!, the customer has the freedom to choose the roof colour. Black, grey, Red Purple? They can decide to suit their taste, according to the body colour chosen. Among the eight colours available, two are exclusive to the model: Aïkinite, a golden copper, and Red Purple, an unusual violet. Reserved only for the 3-door hatchback, two versions of two-tone paint are available: Red Purple and Gallium Grey or Lipizan White and Aïkinite.

This first step completed, the customer can go even further and create their PEUGEOT 108 using the seven personalisation themes and three interior ambiences. The personalisation themes comprise exterior stickers, shells for the door mirrors, interior stickers, floor carpets, key fob shells (mechanical, plip or Keyless Entry and Starting card) while the three interior ambiences determine the colours of the finishers on the dashboard and centre panel.

From the start of the project, we wanted to create a car that made the driver happy. With its many qualities, the new PEUGEOT 108 makes you smile, every day. With personalisation, everyone will have their own unique PEUGEOT 108.

Béatrice Garric, Brand Project Manager

Among the seven personalisation themes offered, three revisit classic cloth trim. The Dressy theme reinterprets the timeless hound's-tooth fabric with a 3D effect created by the contrast between the particularly finely traced motifs. The Dual them reproduces an embroidery motif. Exclusive to the two-tone PEUGEOT 108, it marks out the join between the two colours on the body. The Kilt them is worked around a tartan with cross-hatched bands.

Glamour, the Diamond theme plays with matt and bright finishes on the four faces of its prisms. In this way it produces an effect of volume and movement, seeming to emerge from the body. Modern, the bar codes of the Barcode theme plays games with colours.

The aspects of the Sport theme build the sporty vision of an urban car. The bonnet and rear wings carry a faded chequered flag motif. The cabin has a mirror with a black lacquer shell and a red line, and special mats.

Relaxed, the Tattoo theme presents quasi-metallic flowers, particularly finely done. They are drawn with tight, tense lines. Hatching in each petal enhances their assurance.

With Porcelaine, the dashboard and centre panel finishers are done in matt white. The Aïkinite ambience marries the colour Aïkinite on the dashboard with the gloss black of the centre panel. As for the Porcelaine Aïkinite ambience, it combines a matt dashboard with a centre panel in Aïkinite golden copper.

Finally, the PEUGEOT 108 offers a choice of six trims. Curitiba cloth is exclusive to the Access trim level. On Active and Allure trim levels, the PEUGEOT 108 hatchback is trimmed with Carolight cloth, a revisited tartan, the PEUGEOT 108 TOP! convertible with Rayura Aïkinite cloth. Leather, exclusive to the Allure trim level, is available on both body styles.

Connecting the new PEUGEOT 108 to the customer's smartphone

PEUGEOT 108 brings the urban car into a new era with its large touch screen majestically placed in the middle of the dashboard. An option on Active and standard on Allure, this 7'' screen (measured diagonally) establishes a new relationship between the car and it driver. It is the interface for the audio system, the trip computer and for vehicle settings. And it goes much further than just these functions!

This is because a smartphone, this eminently personal accessory, can be useful at any time. Now, it can be used inside the car as well. The user can connect in two ways: by Bluetooth®, mainly for the telephone and music player functions of the mobile phone, by Mirror Screen for its applications that are compatible with use in a vehicle. This Mirror Screen function operates using MirrorLinkTM technology for telephones running on Android, RIM and Windows, and by AppInCar for telephones running on iOs.

PEUGEOT 108, it's the city car that is ahead of its time. Evidently it is hyper-compact; that is the basic requirement. It takes its driver into a new era of connectivity with the Mirror Screen technology. At the wheel, the experience is unprecedented.

Pascal Béziat, PEUGEOT 108 Project Director

Thanks to Mirror Screen, the touch screen in the PEUGEOT 108 becomes the mirror of the compatible smartphone connected. Magic ! The driver then operates their smartphone from the car 's touch screen : any action on this interface works the smartphone. Depending on the telephone connected, applications can also be operated by voice commands using a voice recognition system.

For obvious safety considerations, the access to applications is managed differently according to the state of the vehicle. When the car is moving, the driver can use applications useful when driving, navigation for example, or those for infotainment, like PEUGEOT Music, the brand's internet radio station, launched on this occasion.

With the new PEUGEOT 108, pleasure every day

At 3.47m long and 1.62m wide, the PEUGEOT 108 is the champion of compact dimensions and makes the difference in town. Its reduced overhangs and turning radius of just 4.80m allow it to avoid with obstacles with ease. This architecture allows the driving position to be brought well forward providing excellent forward vision.

For the buyer, the new PEUGEOT 108 is the guarantee of the brand's move up-market. Style, quality, equipment, engines ...everything has been taken into account to satisfy the customer who has the felling of driving in a vehicle from the segment above.

Xavier Nicolas, PEUGEOT 108 Product Manager

When loading the boot, the PEUGEOT 108 reveals one of its many strengths. The Keyless Entry and Starting card allows the doors to be unlocked, the tailgate to be unlocked and partially opened with just a press on the appropriate button.

On opening the tailgate, the shelf automatically folds away against the rear screen and reveals a boot that is generous for the category: 196 dm3 (243 litres) with the puncture repair kit, 180 dm3 (227 litres) with the spare wheel. Loading is easy with the low sill, just 77 cm, and a wide 1 metre space between the wheel arches. The initial volume can be extended to 780 dm3 (868 litres) by folding the 50/50 rear seat backrests. To do this, simply pull one of the straps accessible from outside. Inside, the PEUGEOT 108 provides several storage areas. The glove box has a lid and will take a 1 litre bottle and the door pockets a 50cl bottle.

A comfortable driving position is quickly found using the steering column height and seat adjustments. For starting, the Keyless Entry and Starting card shows its worth again; simply press the button on the centre panel to start the engine. The driver can concentrate on driving thanks to the speed limiter and automatic lighting. Finally, on engaging reverse, the reversing camera displays a colour image in the touch screen of the area behind the vehicle. This system, combined with the PEUGEOT 108's compact size makes manoeuvres safe and easy.

Passengers are protected in all circumstances by a set of six airbags fitted as standard: two frontal airbags (the passenger airbag can be switched off), two lateral airbags at the front, and two curtain airbags covering the front and rear seats. Finally, for the safety of children in the car, the two rear seats are equipped with IsoFix mountings.

An engine to suit all uses

The range is made up of four efficient 3-cylinder power units :

- 1.0 e-VTi 68 5-speed manual, 88g/km CO2 i.e. 3.8 l/100km,

- 1.0 VTi 68 5-speed manual, 95g/km de CO2 i.e. 4.1 l/100km

- 1.0 VTi 68 5-speed electronic, 97g/km CO2 i.e. 4.2 l/100km

- New Puretech1.2 VTi 82 engine with 5-speed manual gearbox, 99g/km CO2 i.e. 4.3 l/100km.

They take advantage of the lightness of the PEUGEOT 108, from just 840kg, to provide the occupants with a very good balance between road holding and comfort. With this in mind, the running gear has been developed around a pseudo McPherson front axle and a deformable rear beam made from a shaped tube. Compared to a part made from pressed steel, this solution offers the advantages of improved guidance and reduced weight.

Safe and easy handling on the road

As soon as you take the controls, the PEUGEOT 108 reveals how easy it is to use. Its light weight (from 840 kg), its electric power steering and the quality of its running gear contribute towards this immediate sensation. From the first turn of the wheel, PEUGEOT 108 inspires confidence by its good road holding in all circumstances.

The track is 1425mm at the front and 1420mm at the rear. There are two tyre sizes used, 165/65 R14 or 165/60 R15, with very low rolling resistance and contributing to the overall efficiency of the vehicle. They are continuously monitored by the Indirect Tyre Under-Inflation Detection system.

The braking system includes as standard, ABS, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Emergency Collision Braking System and switchable ESP. The braking system is completed by 247mm ventilated discs at the front and 200mm drums at the rear.

The PEUGEOT 108's dynamic qualities make its driver smile: responsive steering, stable braking in a straight line and on a bend, electric power steering that is light in town and informative on the open road.

Even when stationary, the PEUGEOT 108 exudes efficiency; all of the engines have Hill Start Assist. This system holds the vehicle for a moment, the time it takes for the driver to move their foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.

With the new PEUGEOT 108, the customer can be sure they are choosing a car to transform their daily life. With its record compactness and its agility, it tackles the city with confidence. On the open road, with the 196 litre boot loaded, the customer can enjoy its dynamic performance and handling. On board, it is from another class, with equipment that belongs to the segments above: MirrorLink, reversing camera, Keyless Entry and Starting.

And when they pass another PEUGEOT 108, it's the occasion for a meeting, an exchange to describe their vehicles' composition: body, personalisation, interior ambience, colour ...

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