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Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG caught in the cold

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The testing program for the coupe internally codenamed C190 continues in the snow, but when it breaks out into the sunshine we'll know it as perhaps the Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG or GT AMG. Adorned in the same camo outfit as the last time we saw it in December, it could be out working the rumored all-wheel-drive system that will make it more amenable to less-than-perfect weather. That's another way the coupe called the replacement for the SLS AMG is more accurately a new and different model, since the SLC is expected to cost half as much and compete with the Porsche 911 instead of cars in the $200K price bracket.

There are various reports about whether a convertible version is planned, most of them saying Mercedes-Benz has ruled it out, reserving judgment that one could come later if the car is a success. It seems strange to us, though, to take on the 911 without a convertible since every other car in the category has one as well. Late last year, there were rumblings of a debut at the German Grand Prix during the weekend of July 18-20.

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