The French are all about following procedure when it comes to accidents. That's why, as the story goes, when Mark Webber backflipped his Mercedes-Benz CLR at Le Mans in 1999, they gave him a breathalyzer test. And so when Michael Schumacher was involved in a life-threatening skiing accident, crashing headfirst into a rock in late December at the Meribel ski resort in the French Alps, it was only to be expected that authorities should launch an investigation.

A month and a half since the incident took place, prosecutor Patrick Quincy and his team have now reportedly concluded their investigation, determining that no one was at fault. According to Bloomberg, the team – which carries out around 50 such investigations into serious skiing accidents each year – has concluded that the ski resort had properly marked the slopes in accordance with French laws, further noting that the skis Schumacher had rented were not at fault, either.

Schumacher remains in the hospital as doctors gradually remove the impediments that induced him into a coma following several surgical procedures to relieve swelling inside his skull. Information regarding his recovery remains scarce as the Schumacher family and his management have kept details private.

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