Let's start out by saying that what you're about to see in this video isn't really something you should go and try out on your own. All but maybe four of you reading this have enough sense in your head to figure that out, but our Mom would kill us if we didn't say something. Continuing on...

There's been a lot of snow on the East Coast these days (oh, and everywhere else, too), and it's causing more than a few of us to act out in new and different ways. For one New Yorker, the time seemed especially ripe to try out that new snowboard he'd picked up. Seeing as how NYC has precious few skiing runs that we know of, the gentleman in the video was forced to improvise.

Snowboarding, wakeboarding, it's all riding on water, man. The only difference is most lakes don't have as many parked cars to negotiate. See what we mean, below.

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