Ah, the Bonneville Salt flats. One of the last true bastions of speed left in America, where men and women take cars, trucks, motorcycles and just about anything else with wheels to the very limits of man and machine's capabilities.

Of course, there's no rule that the salt flats are to be used only for wheeled objects. As demonstrated in the video after the break, it's quite possible to hit the salt using something a bit more... simple. Like, say, a snowboard. Or, in this case, a saltboard.

True, snowboards usually see use on the snow, as their name implies. And while salt is more often used to melt said snow, in this case, it acts more like heavy grit sandpaper. We bet it hurts a bit worse than snow if you happen to fall. And fall they do. Here's hoping they managed to keep salt out of their wounds... but we doubt it.

It's worth mentioning that this is the same group of crazys that took adult-size trikes up to speeds of 55 miles per hour down a massive hill. Apparently, utter disregard for life and limb appears to be a prerequisite to make an appearance in one of Devin Graham's videos. Check out the group's saltboarding heroics after the break.

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