Might it be that one of Apple Computer's software-security gurus wasn't quite, ahem, secure enough to resist the pull of Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk? Kristin Paget, who held the illustrious title of "Hacker Princess" at Cupertino, CA-based Apple, starts working for nearby Tesla this week, Re/code says. Paget would only say on her Twitter feed that the gig was "something security-related" and added that she "shouldn't say too much."

Paget would only say that the gig was "something security-related."

Paget joined Apple in 2012 after spending time with Microsoft, where she was responsible for security in the Vista operating system. Paget was also known within the Silicon Valley cognoscenti for her instructions on how to build a fake cell tower that could intercept cellphone calls.

Tesla's headquarters in Fremont are just 25 miles from Apple's, but the poaching is far more than merely geographic. Tesla has always been big on technological advancements and has been steadily making over-the-air software upgrades to the Model S. Most recently, Musk and Tesla Chief Technology Officer Straubel toured Western Europe, talkind to Tesla owners and followers. They said the company was on the cusp of releasing Version 6.0 of the Model S software, which includes more suspension control as well as real-time traffic data. We wonder what features Paget will bring to Version 7.

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