eBay find: Global Union EV prototype could use some TLC

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"She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid." That classic line from Star Wars, entered the popular culture lexicon just about the same time as this quirky electric car we recently found on eBay. Based on a 1977-ish Endura (possibly) this one may have been originally converted by the Globe-Union company as a showcase for the their automotive replacement batteries. According to a Hemmings article on the Endura EV, you might know Globe-Union as the company as the manufacturer of DieHard batteries for Sears. There's more info on the Endura here.

Our RWD eBay find has a 20-hp DC electric motor and 7,000 miles on the odometer. Sadly, the two-door hatchback needs work. A lot of it. But, it is one of a kind and we can imagine a lot of good things happening in the hands of the right team of engineering students, for example. The good news is that the eBay auction proceeds will support the solar assistance programs of the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance non-profit. The buyer also recommends local pick-up, and we think that's a good idea. There's only one day left until the auction ends and the current bid sits at just over $700. It was apparently previously listed for much more.

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