Jay Leno's Garage welcomes Randy Grubb's Decopods

Jay Leno's days might be numbered as host of The Tonight Show, but he will always have a spot in auto enthusiasts' hearts as long as he keeps releasing great videos showing off his and his friends' cars. The latest video from Leno's garage might be the weirdest yet and highlights the three-wheeled Decopod by automotive artist Randy Grubb, who also built Leno's Tank Car.

The Flash Gordon-inspired Decopods are based on Piaggio MP3 three-wheeled motor scooters and are covered in overlapping, riveted aluminum panels. As with all of Grubb's projects, the work is entirely done by hand, and the metal pieces only add about 30 pounds to the scooter after its original, plastic body is removed. Grubb is building only six Decopods for about $25,000 each, and four of them are already sold, so there is still a chance to own one.

The Decopods look like a ton of fun, and their Art Deco aesthetic gets the thumbs up from Leno. Scroll down to check out these seriously quirky, little trikes.

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