Women Most Attracted to Men in Pickup Trucks

A survey from Insure.com polled 2,000 drivers in order to find which kinds of vehicles were most attractive for a member of the opposite sex to drive.

According to the survey, women prefer a man in a dark pickup truck. Thirty-two percent of women favored trucks and more than half of the women surveyed preferred men in black cars.

Sports cars came in five percentage points behind trucks at 27 percent. Women didn't place much value on the brand of truck, although Ford led the pack with 16 percent of the vote. Sorry postal workers, mail trucks were found to be the most unattractive vehicle for men.

Men preferred women in sports cars by a large margin, 39 percent. And they clearly favored ladies with international flair. BMW was the favorite brand at 16 percent, followed by Mercedes-Benz at 14 percent and Porsche at 10 percent. Forty percent preferred red over any other color.

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