Court says Tesla will be able to use Te Si La name in China

2012 Tesla Model S
2012 Tesla Model S
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Turns out, a Tesla in China will remain a Tesla. Or, more accurately, Tesla will be Te Si La, which is the name the company originally wanted to use before having to come up with the "Tuosule" workaround after a Chinese businessman registered the "Te Si La" trademark away from the California automaker there.

Speaking to Reuters this week as Tesla announced its "aggressive" pricing for the Model S in China, Veronica Wu, vice president of Tesla's China operations, said, "We went to court and we won. The court has given use right to use the name, which is why you see the Chinese name in our store now." Te Si La is the name "best known" to buyers in China, Reuters says. So now that's what it'll be called when buyers plunk down 734,000 yuan (the equivalent to $121,000 US) for a Model S.

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