Silicon Valley has become a hub of workplace charging. In fact, if one of these San Francisco bay area technology companies doesn't offer that particular perk, they're likely to lose talented staff to competitors. Reports from the Valley say that there's a new kind of problem growing for employers – there are far more electric vehicles in parking lots than available chargers, and it's leading to "charge rage."

German software company SAP has experienced this social tension at its Palo Alto campus. In 2010, installing 16 charging ports was more than enough; now 61 of about 1,800 employees have EVs but there are still only 16 chargers. It's getting desperate enough for EV owners that they're sometimes unplugging another car so that they can charge up and make it home, Peter Graf, SAP's chief sustainability officer who also drives a Nissan Leaf, told the San Jose Mercury News.

It's gotten to the point where SAP is now putting together guidelines for EV-driving employees. ChargePoint CEO Pat Ramono advises clients that they should install one charger for every two employees who drive an EV. "Having two chargers and 20 electric cars is worse than having no chargers and 20 electric cars," Romano said. Yahoo should know, since over 100 emloyees who drove EVs regularly tussle there over limited access to charging ports. Read more – including about how network control company Infoblox has ben able to alleviate "charge rage" - over at the San Jose Mercury News.

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