An easily preventable accident left a woman devastated after a trailer became unhitched on the freeway.

Christy Cox's husband Jeremy was driving his SUV with their two children when a trailer in the lane next to them unhitched. It flew through the windshield and crushed the left side of the car. He and the couple's three-year-old daughter were killed instantly. Only her son survived the crash. The trailer was missing a safety pin and the safety chains required by law.

The Today Show's Rossen Reports investigated the consequences of improperly secured trailer hitches. In most states, two chains are required to keep a trailer hitch secured to a car, but Lt. Brian Orr of the Oklahoma State Highway Patrol told Rossen Reports unsecured trailers are common on roadways and extremely dangerous. Without the two security chains trailers can quickly become missiles, damaging anything in their path.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over 300 people have died since 2008 from improperly hitched trailers.

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