Barrett-Jackson 2014: Linda Vaughn LV-1 Chevy Camaros bring $280k for charity [w/video]

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You may not be familiar with Linda Vaughn, but back in the mid-1960s, she was known as Miss Hurst Golden Shifter by just about every racing fan in the United States. The spokeswoman has teamed up with the well-known car designer Doc Watson to auction off a pair of Linda Vaughn LV-1 Chevrolet Camaro models, one convertible and one coupe, and they've just been auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson.

A total of 500 LV-1 Camaros will be produced (50 white and gold convertibles, 50 black and gold convertibles, 200 white and gold coupes and 200 black and gold coupes), but we'd guess none will be as expensive as this pair. When the final gavel fell, a total of $280,000 had been bid, and all of it will be going to Dreamakers, a non-profit that specializes in automotive programs, and The International Kids Alliance Network.

Check out our high-res gallery of live images from Barrett-Jackson above, then watch a video of the live auction below.

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