Caterham AeroSeven launch delayed until 2015 for complete redesign

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Caterham may have found a new distributor in the US, but it will still be some time before buyers get the chance to pick up a production version of its AeroSeven Concept. The lightweight sports car that we thought looked pretty unique and special is going back to the drawing board after criticism from customers in one of the brand's most important markets – Malaysia.

"A lot of the customer feedback we've had so far said that the front was too flat, that it was too much like a slab," Caterham CEO Graham MacDonald told Autocar. "We're looking at redesigning the front end slightly, and we'll be looking at a windscreen and putting a roof on as well."

Doors, windows, roofs and windshields are all fine and dandy on most cars, but the concept of adding these things on a Caterham, a car that so devoutly follows the "add lightness" philosophy of Colin Chapman, is at the very least, unusual. But it's not just what the customers want – it's what the money wants. "Our shareholders are keen that especially in the East, to drive a car like this you need doors and air conditioning and an enclosed space," MacDonald said.

The redesigned AeroSeven is targeted for a debut in 2015.

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