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Caterham AeroSeven launch delayed until 2015 for complete redesign

Caterham may have found a new distributor in the US, but it will still be some time before buyers get the chance to pick up a production version of its AeroSeven Concept. The lightweight sports car that we thought looked pretty unique and special is going back to the drawing b

Caterham to expand beyond sports cars; city cars, CUVs possible

Caterham may be looking to expand its product scope beyond its current offerings. After the company announced an alliance with Renault yesterday, Caterham Chairman Tony Fernandes was quoted as saying the partnership is "the start of a line of products from Caterham." Fernandes went on

Caterham planning uplevel, more luxurious sports car

Newly minted Caterham CEO Graham MacDonald has told WhatCar? that the firm is "plotting" the development of "a more upmarket" sports car, this time it would be one with a roof. In addition to protection overhead, MacDonald says the new two-seater will be more inviting, meaning occupants won't need to be hardcore nutters in order to enjoy it. He didn't give a timeline on its arrival, but said that

Ansar Ali replaced as CEO of Caterham

Years ago Caterham was just another kit-car company making "continuation" examples of the Lotus Seven. Now it's got its own LMP-style track car on the market, a new road car on the way, its own Formula One team, a composites division and an engineering consultancy. So who do you credit for the transformation? Ansar Ali. But he's on his way out.