Scenic Mexican coastal highway collapses

If you're looking for proof that this is Mother Nature's world and she merely allows us to live on it for a while, have a look at these videos coming out of Mexico. After a series of seven small earthquakes and heavy rains, a scenic coastal road has collapsed into a vaguely road-shaped pile of rubble.

The toll road, which is popular among tourists traveling between Ensenada and Tijuana, fell into chasm that was caused by a landslide from the quakes and rain. Nearly 900 feet of road was damaged in the collapse according to Euronews, while CNN is reporting a chasm 40-feet deep and 200-feet long formed from the landslide. A cement truck was caught in the collapse, but the driver managed to escape before it plunged into the Pacific. Miraculously, there were no other injuries. According to CNN, Mexican authorities are expecting the road will take nearly a year to repair.

We have three videos below. The first is from CNN, and shows the news report on the road, while the other two show the damage from a variety of angles.

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