Toll Dodgers Taken To Court Over Unpaid Fines

Several companies accused of trying to skirt the law

Toll roads in New York are pretty pricey, but thumbing your nose at the Port Authority can land you with even heftier bills.

According to, the Port Authority, which controls the six bridges and two tunnels between New York and New Jersey, has brought lawsuits against several companies accused of running afoul of toll collectors.

Great Kills trucking and its subsidiaries, for instance, allegedly skipped paying tolls 5,533 times in a five-year period, racking up $123,080 in tolls and $222,625 in administrative fees. An additional two companies, both of which are owned by the same man, are also named in the suit. The owner's bill is a whopping $116,065.

It's not just big shipping companies that can wrack up large fees by avoiding tollbooths. In November, one man was responsible for $202,000 in tolls, fines and fees after skipping tollbooths along the Dulles toll road in Virginia.

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