Man Charged $202,000 In Fines After Skipping Tolls

Driver will be paying off bill for the next 54 years

Virginia Man Racks Up $200,000 in Road Toll Fines

Know that old yarn about the cobbler's children never having shoes? A financial consultant from Virginia has made a pretty serious financial mistake that will take him 54 years to pay off.

Jason Bourcier, 33, accumulated $202,000 in tolls, fines and fees after skipping tollbooths on the Dulles toll road, according to USA Today. The newspaper reported that while his lawyer was able to get the fines and fees reduced by more than half, he still owes the state $96,498, which he plans to pay off in $150 monthly installments over the next 54 years. He should have the fines all paid off by the time he's 87 years old.

Virginia has a graduated fining system for tollbooth scofflaws. Every time a driver ditches the toll, the fines becomes harsher. Each new infraction quickly piles up until the driver is being hit with $500 every time they skip the pay line, plus extra fines and court costs.

A spokes person for the agency which manages the Dulles toll road told USA Today that Bourcier is by far one of the worst offenders, accumulating 355 toll violations since 2009.

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