The future is electric. Here's another bit of evidence to testify that this catchphrase is more than just a meaningless mantra. RideApart – a web portal geared toward motorcycle enthusiasts – has chosen the Mission RS as its bike of the year. Yup, not the best electric bike, but the best motorcycle. Period.

Not just the best electric bike, but the best motorcycle. Period.

After having tried out pretty much every new offering, including the machine that Mission Motorcycles promises to begin delivering next summer, they've come to the conclusion that the RS is better than everything else. Better than anything from Ducati, KTM, BMW or the Japanese manufacturers. We needn't even bring up Harley Davidson. You can read the original ride review that delves into all the delicious details, but if you quickly want to know why they put this at the head of the 2014 class, it's simple: it's faster than anything else. It's also easier to ride faster than anything else. Now, some of that can be put down to its awesome chassis and suspension, but the bulk of its (good) badness is due to its drivetrain.

This brings us back to that opening catchphrase and why we believe more and more vehicles in the future will be powered by electrons. Not only does sustainability demand it, but the potential for superior performance can no longer be ignored. And once again, as in the case of the Tesla Model S, we have an example of a vehicle exploiting today's EV technology to its fullest. Congratulations, Mission Motorcycles.

If you want to watch how others react to this bike, we've included a pair of video reviews from a couple different sources below. The first comes courtesy of Vice, while the second is recent ride from Jay Leno – who also rode the slightly-less-developed version back in 2012. Cheers!

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