Drinkers Driven Home In Own Cars By Cabbies

Partiers will pay double for a ride home

The New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers approved a program on Sunday to help get drinkers, and their cars, home safely after a night out on the town.

According to CBS New York, taxi drivers can now drive their client's cars to the client's destination. One taxi driver jumps into the driver's seat of a car, and a second follows in a taxi behind. Once the car and its owner are at their location, the first driver hops into the following taxi, ready for the next call.

Party goers who use the system might initially balk at the doubled price, as they're essentially paying for two cab rides to the same place, but the system is often still cheaper than a $165 parking ticket from the city. And it's much cheaper than a drunk driving arrest, which can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars in fees.

For those of us not spending Christmas in New York, here's a few tips for getting home safely this holiday season:

1. Pre-plan. A DD shouldn't be a game of 'who is the most sober' at the end of the night. Designate a driver before getting to the bar or party. Knowing who is responsible for you and friends before the rounds start is important. If you're on your own, plan a pick up time with a sober ride and stick to it.

2. Keep track. The legal blood alcohol content limit is 0.08%, which averages out to about one drink per hour. You can feel sober enough to drive, but still be over the legal limit. Don't guess. Keeping track of alcohol intake can be easier said than done in a party atmosphere, though. Luckily, smartphone apps, like DrinkTracker, can help you keep track of the number of drinks had in one night and calculate a rough estimate of your BAC.

3. Ditch the car. Cabbies driving cars home makes sense for New Yorkers, but most of us can leave our cars overnight with very little problem (or at least cheaper parking tickets). If the thought of leaving your car overnight in a strange parking lot or street takes the cheer out of your holiday, leave it at home. Take a cab to the bar or use public transportation to get to the party to avoid stress about your ride.

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