First accident makes insurance jump up 67% in Massachusetts, survey says

We don't have to tell you to think twice about causing an accident (we hope), but if you do happen to be at fault in a crash, there are a few states where insurance rates jump by as much as 67 percent. That's in Massachusetts, but California drivers who are at fault in a crash experience a substantial 62 percent rate hike, and New Jersey isn't far behind at 59 percent, according to a survey reported by the Los Angeles Times. The national average rate hike when a driver is at fault in a crash is 38 percent.

On the flip side, Maryland drivers experience the smallest increase at 20 percent. Alabama and Michigan also see relatively small increases of 22 percent and 23 percent, respectively. Of course, causing two accidents is a big no-no. Nationally, premiums increase 86 percent on average after two accidents, according to the survey. Though, if you're causing accident after accident, perhaps you have bigger problems to worry about than insurance rate hikes...

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