A few weeks back, we gave you a taste of Gran Turismo's First Love video series. It chronicled the efforts to rebuild a 1948 Hudson, just like the first race car of Mario Andretti. That piece was seriously cool and entertaining, but this latest video is even better.

This is the reunion of Andretti and the Hudson, with the car being as close to Andretti's original steed as possible. It wears the red paint, white racing stripes and chain to hold the driver's door closed, while a number of other details are enough to stir memories in the old racer. Naturally, Andretti needed to take the old beast out for a spin on a dirt track.

Of course, there is some marketing stuff to get through before moving to the sentimental part. Polyphony Digital's GT team details its process of recording cars like the Hudson that will end up being rendered in the game. Each vehicle is subject to photos from nearly every angle, and is then three-dimensionally scanned. As we mentioned in our last piece about this series, gamers will be able to drive Andretti's Hudson in Gran Turismo 6. Take a look below to watch the entire video, it's worth it.

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