First Forza 5 update adds drag racing, will make cars easier to buy

The reviews for Forza Motorsport 5 have been just as keen as the few grudges held against it, those gripes chiefly being the paucity of cars and tracks compared to FM4 and the difficulty of purchasing the elite cars. Developer Turn 10 has heard the lamentations, and after making quick, temporary adjustments earlier this month has announced a coming update to address them.

The first is "economy balancing," a tweak we're sure various governments wish they could enact so easily. Said to be "the first wave of adjustments to the Forza 5 economy," it ups the pace of earning credits and lowers the price of the high-zoot metal. The average difficulty setting will mean 60 percent more credits than before, enabling players to more speedily get into a Ferrari 250 GTO that will cost two million credits instead of six million.

Other updates include drag racing in Free Play and Multiplayer modes, with rounds-of-16 possible in one-on-one heats and eight-up racing all at one time over quarter-mile, half-mile, and full-mile strips. The three Tag modes will introduce competition that defines the phrase "rubbin' is racin'," with players defined as "It" who need to either touch another car in order to spread their juju or avoid being touched by another car in order not to catch said juju.

There are new features for force feedback wheels as well. Turn 10 hasn't said when the update will come, but it is "currently in certification and awaiting final release" so it shouldn't be long.

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