McLaren Special Operations lightens up the 12C

  • Image Credit: McLaren
Any car with a six-figure price tag is bound to be pretty exclusive, especially one as exotic as the McLaren 12C. But even among its elite class of buyers, there will always be those who want to differentiate their supercar from others. And for that, there's McLaren Special Operations.

The customization department at McLaren offers an array of personalization options for the 12C, and every once in a while, it's prone to display some of those options on a uniquely outfitted supercar. And this is the latest.

Called the MSO 12C Concept Car, this unique MP4-12C packs a new hood, front wings, rear vents, airbrake spoiler and a roof-mounted air scoop, all crafted from carbon fiber. The long list of extras also includes wheel bolts and filler caps for oil and water ade of titanium, and an interior packed with even more carbon fiber trim. It looks pretty sweet in Storm Trooper white and black, and you can check it out, inside and out, in the image gallery above.

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