2013 Ford F-150 (Autoblog).
The truck is a symbol of America's rugged, independent spirit. It's little wonder, then, the Ford F-Series is the most purchased vehicle in 30 states.

Using Kelley Blue Book information, Business Insider created an infographic identifying the most popular cars purchased in each state. The F-Series' dominance cuts across the country, from the Pacific Northwest through the Southeast. Given that its sales of 623,309 units through October are far ahead of the second-highest-selling vehicle, which is the Chevy Silverado at 403,435 units, it's almost surprising that the F-Series is actually not the highest seller in 20 states.

Oklahoma drivers are the lone holdouts in the south, preferring the Nissan Altima, and Indiana drivers prefer the Silverado. Trucks are also popular in Hawaii, where they buy the more fuel-efficient Toyota Tacoma. Americans in the Northeast tend to buy more sedans and CUVs than trucks, though Vermont drivers purchase more GMC Sierra pickups than any other car.

The F-Series has long been one of America's best-selling vehicles, as more than 35 million have been sold since its inception six decades ago.

See the full infographic here.

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