Icy Roads Lead To 65-Car Pile Up

No fatalities reported in massive crash

Freezing rain caused a massive 65-car pile up on I-290 in Massachusetts on Sunday afternoon, stranding holiday travelers and sending 35 people to the hospital.

State police told MassLive that four cars slid under a tractor-trailer, crushing roofs down to the steering wheels. No fatalities were reported, and out of the 35 drivers taken to the hospital, only two were seriously injured. Many of those involved in the crash were out-of-state travelers making their way home after the long Thanksgiving weekend. Nearly 30 people are still stranded.

The freezing rain moved in so quickly there was no time to notify travelers or close the elevated bridge where the crash began. The rise in the road kept drivers from seeing the initial accident until they too were sliding on the ice, adding to the pile up.

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