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Mercedes-Benz CLA shooting brake test car snaps into focus

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Last week, we showed you some images of the long-roofed Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake. Those shots of the five-door Mercedes were from a distance and were quite grainy, unfortunately. Today, we have much better shots of the new model, shown testing somewhere in Europe.

These close-up shots, along with the car's silver finish, give us a slightly better idea of just what the CLA Shooting Brake will look like. In short, it's kind of exactly what we expected - a smaller CLS Shooting Brake. The tail is oriented more towards style than utility, just like its big brother, meaning this will be more of a "lifestyle" vehicle than an actual, functional wagon. Still, every so often, we'll choose form over function, and we expect the CLA Shooting Brake to have good looks in spades.

As is the case with the CLS Shooting Brake, we should expect it to adopt the same range of engines and transmissions found in the sedan. If the long-roof CLA arrives in the US, that should mean the 2.0-liter, turbocharged CLA250 and the 355-horsepower CLA45 AMG. Take a look up top for our full smattering of images of the new CLA Shooting Brake.

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