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Energica Ego is Italian for awesome [w/video]

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In a little more than a year from now, the 2015 Energica Ego from CRP will finally make the leap from design and development to driveways and track days. And now, we know exactly what this Italian electric sport bike will look like. In a word: magnifico!

Revealed at the recent EICMA, the production prototype is a nicely refined version of what we saw road-tested by journalists from around the world just six weeks ago. While we weren't put off by the unfinished, matte-black appearance of that machine, we can't help but be amazed at how much this thing enjoys a bit of paint and polish.

If you want a reminder of its remarkable performance numbers and a preview of what it looks like in motion, go below for a sweet promotional video accompanied by a clip from the floor of EICMA, featuring a closer look at the bike (that dash!) and a run-down of its awesomeness with company CTO Giampiero Testoni.

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