The production version of the CRP Energica Ego will be introduced to the world at the upcoming 2014 EICMA. Ahead of that reveal, the company brought a small group of motorcycle journalists to Volterra, Italy for an exclusive preview of the drivetrain as it sits in a prototype. Unveiled at last year's EICMA, this platform has allowed the CRP crew to refine their creation into a world-class bike that could nicely slot in between the Brammo Empulse and the Mission R.

Kevin Duke, Wes Siler, and Matthew Miles, writers for, Ride Apart, and Cycle World, respectively, each got some seat time and wrote up lengthy pieces describing the bike. (You can read those reports here, here, and here.) It seems like all were suitably impressed by the machine, whose numbers haven't changed since its unveiling. It still offers up 100 kW (134 horsepower) and 144 pound-feet of torque, while giving riders a 93-mile range from its 11.7-kWh battery pack. The target price remains in the $25,000 neighborhood.

Beyond just digits, the thing that enthused most of all was, perhaps, the throttle characteristics. Nice and smooth roll-on with torque unleashed deeper into the twist. The regen is smartly integrated, so as to allow for some free wheeling, but also dials in a braking effect as the throttle is unwound. We understand that there will be a few changes to the Ego when it is exposed for the first time in November. The frame could be slightly lengthened and there are some refinements and additions to the various throttle and regen maps. Speaking of exposed, we also hear there may be a naked version as well, going by the model name Eva.

Scroll on down below for tons of footage of all three journalists riding and giving their impressions afterwards, good and bad (mostly good), to the camera. We are now looking forward more than ever to see what this Italian company has in store for us in just a few short weeks.

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